Suzanne Haeri DDS

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Children's Biannual Check-Ups

Just because a tooth isn’t permanent doesn’t mean it should be allowed to rot. At Dr. Suzanne Haeri’s South Carthay practice, we encourage everybody to maintain biannual dental appointments, and that’s especially important for children. Caries, the little bits of decay which cause cavities, are a big problem with consequences for more than just kids’ oral health.

Children are the demographic most likely to suffer from caries, and caries is the most common ailment among children. In young children, toothaches can discourage the use of speech, leading to developmental delays. It people of all ages, they also prevent sleep and sometimes cause people to avoid eating. Sleep and nutrition deficits are especially harmful to children and are often the cause of irritability and poor academic performance. They can also lead to a habit of jaw-clenching, which can cause headaches, neck aches, and cracked teeth.

During the biannual check-up, we give patients’ teeth a thorough cleaning and assess them for caries. We can provide fillings for cavities, but it is best to bring children in before decay can advance enough to require a root canal or a larger restoration.

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